welcome to sacred grounds...

welcome to sacred grounds...

Welcome to the home for Sacred Grounds LARP. Whether you are new to live gaming or consider yourself a veteran, we aim to make your experience at Sacred Grounds a fulfilling one. Some of the features of our game include: A robust Age of Exploration fantasy world with steampunk elements, experienced and helpful staff and volunteers, a lightest-touch combat system, a range of diverse character options, an exciting and deep in-game economy, and a high quality presentation. We seek to promote an inviting environment and community from people of all walks of life. Whether you game for the story, the challenge, or for the pure escapism, Sacred Grounds seeks to be a game that anyone can enjoy.

Our goal as game-runners is to focus on story by giving players some of the keys to the kingdom. A robust economy, land system, and deep political tension make for constant interaction between players while storytellers craft moments that bring life to the world. Storytellers focus on classic writing practices to bring forth a world that feels real, establishing a variety of tones within a selection of themes that most represent the game world. The result is a game where every interaction matters, and decisions, big and small, have ramifications for the ongoing story and world. Sacred Grounds is a place where you can succeed and fail, overcome challenges, and have your heartstrings tugged at, all within a safe space.

It is the 16th year of the Unnamed Age on the world of Aularia. The world is beset with the threat of conflict at every turn as a tenuous peace between nations is tested on a daily basis. The Sacred Grounds are the new world, large islands to the west of the old world that are rich in resources  of all kinds. This lush land is also the catalyst for peace in the modern day. When the Daltanic Empire seemed poised to take on the newly-formed Gethanar Confederacy, the nation of Capriana proposed a land-sharing deal the demanded peace between participating nations. Not wanting to be left out of the vast resources of the island colony of Lucania, Daltanica, Gethanar, Mag'Duar, and Sholbara all signed the pact.

The result of Capriana's dealings is an island with shared settlements, from which all member nations profit equally. Relations between nations have never been as open as they are now, but still, there is conflict. Lucania may be shared, but many other islands are not: Daltanic-held Reinsburg, the volcanic Caprian island of Casoria, and the pirate-infested den of traders and scum that is Gethanar-held Landriga Bay. Still other islands remained unsettled, such as the black shores of Myrcal, whose undead infestation makes it an untamable wasteland. And of course, there is also the matter of the wild races, whose claim to the land is older than any intruding member nation.

For now, the people of the colonies work together as best they can, with many developing a sense of pride from being a colonist, settler, or explorer that is divorced from their nation of origin. For many, home is no longer the old world, but the places where they now tread, gathering minerals, chopping lumber, and defending their settlements from the strange threats that occupy the colonies. The importance of the Sacred Grounds seems to attract threats both internal and external, the likes of which the world has not had for several Ages.

Currently, Sacred Grounds operates one location in Stroudsburg, PA, representing the town of Banner Rest on the island of Lucania, as well as occasional convention events that represent other areas of the world. Additional locations may be possible in the future.

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