Registering for events

Registering ahead of time for a Sacred Grounds event helps our staff better prepare for our game by giving us an idea of how many players and NPCs we will have available to us. This allows us to take numbers into consideration when planning our events and purchasing supplies and props. Both the standard Primary Registration and New Player Registration have a $5 discount as our thanks for you taking the time to register ahead of time.


Check back soon for registration for our events in 2017!

Labor Day Event Primary Registration

Our Labor Day Event will run from Friday at 10PM until 3 AM Monday and cleanup will be Monday morning at 10 AM. If you would like to attend the full event, the cost is $75 pre-reg or $80 at the door. This option also entitles you to purchasing an additional 5 XP for buy-in instead of the normal 3. If you purchase a Secondary Registration this event in addition to this option, you are allowed to play up to 3 characters you have on file and have 3 character switches. There will be an additional refresh at the event for these characters: 3 PM Saturday and 9 AM Sunday.

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Labor Day Event Secondary Registration

If you purchase a secondary registration for Labor Day and have also purchased a primary registration, you get 3 character switches and may play up to 3 characters for the weekend. Both your secondary and tertiary character earn the base 5 XP + any purchased XP below. If you performed a double period registration, you may only buy-in up to 3 XP here and it only affects one secondary as normal; you also gain the normal amount of character switches.

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Labor Day Event Double Period Registration

This registration covers the time of a standard event from 10 PM Fri to noon on Sunday OR 1 PM on Saturday to 3 AM on Monday. This is otherwise a standard registration. If you leave before game off, clean-up will be assigned before you leave. Even if you are present at the time of a second refresh, you only benefit from one of the refreshes (3 PM if you begin play Friday, 9 AM if you begin play Saturday). You have 3 buy-in available on both primary and secondary, with a base of 5 XP. If you choose secondary you get the normal amount of character switches. Please note: Single-period registration is not available this event.

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Labor Day Event NPC Opt-Out

NPC Opt Out is a feature you can purchase as an add-on to your registration. This allows you to skip your NPC shift at game. NPC Opt Out has limited stock available and cannot be purchased at the door. This is a ticketed item, and as such we cannot refund Opt Out for specific events (see our refund policy for more information).

Player # / Character Name

Labor Day New Player Registration

As per Labor Day Event Primary Registration, with a discount if this is your first Sacred Grounds Event. Purchasing additional XP costs $10 per point. Registering for a weekend event also requires 3 hours spent on an NPC shift and participation in a clean-up duty.

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Labor Day New Player - Double Period Registration

As per Labor Day Double Period, with a discount if this is your first Sacred Grounds Event. Purchasing additional XP costs $10 per point. Registering for a weekend event also requires 3 hours spent on an NPC shift and participation in a clean-up duty.

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Single Period Registration

We have changed Single period registration to now only provide 3 base XP. If a player casts for the second half of the event, they receive the normal 5 XP.

This is registration allows you to play a single PC character for one period during the event. Pre-registering for a single period is $35, while purchasing additional XP for your character is $10 per point (up to three points). If this is your first event, you should instead use the "New Player Registration". When you play for a single period, you cannot purchase a secondary registration to play a second character, and you do not benefit from the refresh on Saturday. Registering for a single period also requires a 1.5 hour NPC shift and participation in a clean-up duty.

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DEXCON 20: BREACH! 2 - A Flarrowverse LARP

A DEXCON 20 Signature Event!

A fan LARP event hosted by Sacred Grounds Gaming. DEXCON 20 Signature Event, Thursday night, 8PM-2 AM in TLC.

PLEASE NOTE: Character Creation Information and System Changes will be available at the end of April. Please wait until they are announced to submit a character!

This isn’t your typical day at the office. When people say they’ve been dealt a healthy dose of reality, they probably never realized that a pocket dimension to serve it up to them. Here on “The Beach House”, you can party the night away and forget your troubles, or completely immerse yourself in the problems of others. Here, the Suicide Squad is on the loose, ARGUS is getting antsy, and STAR Labs is frantic and searching for answers. Another world just faced crisis and fell, and you just watched it happen. Maybe you’re a survivor from a dead world. Maybe you left a great life behind for a higher calling. Either way, you’re tending to the multiverse, man, and that ain’t easy.

Sacred Grounds Gaming presents Breach! 2 – a fan LARP set in the Berlanti/Kresiberg DC television universe (with some liberties taken with the canon). This year, we will be introducing a quicker combat system and a more player-centric character creation system. You can play a character from last year, or come in with a completely new one. Scientists, Refugees, Engineers, Soldiers, and Meta concepts are all welcome. Following our successes using RFID technology last year, we intend to continue to play with interactive electronics to enhance the gaming experience.

Contact to work with us to discuss your concept or to inform us you will be returning from last year (please give us your name and who you played last year), or let us know of your intent to play a completely premade character. Please note: Characters can also be created at The LARP Bazaar (Wednesday Night at 10:00PM). Costumes and props are highly encouraged, and required to play metahumans!

Q0001 is the code to use during registration.

SGLDX20P10 for a $10 discount on registration.

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Sacred Grounds Gaming Presents: BREACH! 2 - A Flarrowverse LARP
July 6, 2017 | 8:00pm - 2:00am @ Dexcon 20 | Hyatt Regency Morristown

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