Player Spotlight April 2016: Velthur Pendell/ Kaldr

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Player Spotlight April 2016: Velthur Pendell/ Kaldr

Postby ACubi » Thu May 12, 2016 1:47 pm


“There’s good fighting to be had in Lucania, but most of the year there just isn’t enough ice.”



Velthurs Thoughts on SG
SG has a fantastic group of players. More than that, because the game encourages player initiative, they really have an impact on the game. There’s a lot of excellent character interaction, especially since the setting gives people so much to work with, RP-wise. SG enables the players to make things awesome, and they consistently make good on that opportunity.

Storyteller Thoughts and Comments-Watching Velthur roll into game as a Jorhaul(my decidedly favorite race at our game) was a real treat. Just look at the man, he IS a dwarf from head to toe! Kaldr is definitely more of a stoic archetype, but watch out because underestimating him is surely a one way trip to the realm of Kakaros. I hope in the coming months we can see Kaldr get a chance to really shine, and show everybody why the Age of Salt was as great as it was. Velthur is a treat to watch, and a great addition to our community!

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