Swashbuckler 2.0

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Swashbuckler 2.0

Postby NickG » Wed Aug 09, 2017 11:16 pm

Swashbuckler - 10 XP
Rogues do it from behind, but Swashbucklers do it from the front.

-Rogue Class
-10 EP
-Rogue’s Flourish
-Flurry 2
-Proficiency: Medium Melee

Initial Benefit:
Swashbuckler’s Stance- While wielding a medium weapon in one hand and either a small weapon, thrown weapon, fist/claw, or no weapon in the other, you are in Swashbuckler stance. You may strike with Flank attacks from the front by changing their call to “Damage”, but otherwise follows all the rules of Flanking (ignores skill pacing, resisted by Parry, cost EP to use, etc.

Class Skills:
*You purchase Health as an Archer.
(T4) Swashbuckler’s Disarm (6 XP)- Whenever you resist a Disarm or Cripple Limb attempt with Rogue’s Flourish, you gain one free use of Disarm that must be used within 5 seconds. This Disarm is used as either a Disarm: medium or your best Disarm skill.

(T4) Turn Away (8 XP)- Masters of turning their opponents away from them then giving them a good kick, the Swashbuckler may call “Knockdown, Distract 10 seconds” using either a Medium Melee weapon, Small Melee Weapon, Fist, or Claw. This costs 3 EP to use.

(T5) Heroic Moment (10 XP, requires Swashbuckler’s Disarm)- Once per period, a Swashbuckler that takes more than 20 damage from a single attack may immediately either wipe their mouth, spit, or take a swig of a nearby drink to regain all of their Energy Points immediately. Any Energy Points regained that aren’t used within 5 minutes are lost again.

(T5) Vicious Tactics (15 XP, Vicious Tactics x2)- This increases the Multiplier of your Vicious Tactics by 1.

(T5) Flurry 4 (9 XP, Flurry 4)- You gain one additional use of Flurry.

(T6) Master Skill- Hidden
Mud, Grob Alchemist/Smith, Laborer/Life Druid
Brock Saturn, Ostlea Human, Berserker/Cleric of Bedros
Rain Glasswalker, Wild Elf Fighter/Shaman
Carde, Town Notary
Lord Sigurd Kragmoore, Governor of Banner Rest
Ventley the Grob
Roderigo the Box Man
Gurry the Hermit
and a few others
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Re: Swashbuckler 2.0

Postby MWilson » Fri Sep 08, 2017 1:00 pm

Flanking can normally be done only with Small Melee, Streetfighting, or Claw. Swashbuckler does not explicitly say that you can Flank with Medium Melee weapons, but it seems to imply that by saying that you can Flank from the front with the "Damage" call when you're wielding a Medium Melee weapon with no weapon in your offhand.

Can Swashbucklers automatically Flank with a Medium Melee weapon or is the "Medium Melee weapon and no weapon in the offhand" option just for occasions when you have some other additional ability/trait that lets you flank with a Medium Melee? If Swashbucklers are not automatically allowed to Flank with a Medium Melee weapon, then I expect that most people will be Swashbuckling with a Medium Melee in one hand and a Small Melee, Streetfighting, or Claw in the other hand.
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Re: Swashbuckler 2.0

Postby JayDee » Fri Sep 08, 2017 2:58 pm

So it seems the only way Archer health differs from Rogue health is between 11-20 HP. Will a lot of characters be able to take advantage of that by the time they're buying the class?

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