Vanguard 2.0

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Vanguard 2.0

Postby NickG » Fri Sep 29, 2017 12:20 am

Vanguard – 10 XP

Requirements: Fighter Class, Any 2 Tier 4 Fighter Skills
Initial Benefit: Armor Bond- You bond with a suit of armor that is in your possession. This can be Light Armor or Heavy Armor. This armor is treated as Soulbound to you. While you are wearing the armor, it is immune to the “Destroy Armor” effect (though you are not… meaning Arcane Armor is still affected). This benefit is non-magical and non-technological, and as such, Dispel Magic and similar spells will not remove this property.

Once you bond with a suit of armor, you cannot bond with another suit of armor until the next event. Bonding with a suit of armor requires 30 minutes of uninterrupted role-play in which you practice fighting while wearing the armor. You may only bond with a suit of armor during the first period in an event, and must immediately inform the shop that you have done so, bringing all appropriate item cards with you.

Vanguard’s Rest: Whenever you rest, your bonded armor that you are wearing regains 5 Armor Value.

Class Skills:

*You purchase health as a Berserker.

Tier 4
Armor Specialization 1 (7 XP)- Your bonded suit of armor has an increased armor value. The armor value increases by 3 for light armor or by 5 for heavy armor. Your bonded armor also gains 1 Skill Enhancement Slot.

Field Repair (9 XP)- You are able to fix your own bonded armor once per period without the use of any additional materials. You spend 1 SP for every 3 armor value for light armor or for every 5 armor value for heavy armor. Using this skill requires 20 minutes of uninterrupted time spent role-playing repairing the armor.

Tier 5
Armor Specialization 2 (Req Armor Specialization 1, 11 XP)- Your bonded suit of armor has an increased armor value. The armor value increases by 9 for light armor or by 15 for heavy armor.

Vanguard Stance (Armor Specialization 1, 18 XP)- While wearing your bonded suit of armor, you may spend 30 SP to gain Physical Resistance 1 for 1 hour. If your armor goes down to 0 or you enter a different stance, you lose the benefits of this stance.

Armor Save (Vanguard Stance, 12 XP)- You may “Resist” anytime you would take Health damage, drain, or siphon. To do so, you must spend Armor Value equal to the amount of Health damage you would have taken.
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