Bard 2.0 (Major Changes)

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Bard 2.0 (Major Changes)

Postby NickG » Fri Sep 29, 2017 12:28 am

Bard - 15 XP

-Arcane Archetype AND EITHER Skilled Archetype OR Martial Archetype
-Ability to cast a Tier 4 Spell from any Arcane archetype School
-Will 2
-Aptitude 2
-45 MP
-Proficiency: Medium, Small, Bow, or Mechanical

Initial Benefit:
Urban Whispers- At home in town, the actual features of the town commune with you through their connections to arcane floes. You randomly intercept one plot directive that is also being given to another player each event, gaining knowledge of it without that player knowing that you have gleaned it. This could be anything from "Mad Whispers" to an Assassin Contract to a plot-related effect. Additionally, your character may have one additional Affiliation listed on their character sheet to benefit from mechanically.

Class Skills:
*You continue purchasing pool resources as per your other classes.

*A Bard gains access to a school of magic called “Bard”, and also a ranked skill called “Perform”. For a Bard to use these skills and spells, they must be able to both move all limbs and speak.

Bardic Lore (4 XP)- A Bard may select two Lore skills when they purchase this skill. They may only purchase this skill once.
Bard School

Tier 4

Inexorable Voice (9XP, 8 MP)- You may self-cast a barrier that grants “No Effect” to Silence effects for 1 hour.

Piper’s Call (9 XP, 7 MP)- “Piper’s Call, Pacify and follow me, 1 Minute”. Breaks if the Bard takes any offensive action.

Charismatic Lure (9 XP, 5 MP)- “Charismatic Lure, Charm 1 Minute, Pull to Me” Breaks if the Bard takes any offensive action.

Harmonic Assault (8 XP, 10 MP)- Each time you purchase this spell, choose one creature type. You create a magical pitch that specifically targets that type of creature. “Sound of Voice, All (Creature Type), Psychic Damage 3” You may purchase this spell up to 3 times.

Tier 5
Battle Tempo (Requires Harmonic Assault) (13 XP, 8 MP)- “Sound of Voice, All Natives, +1 Paced damage 1 minute” A Bard may choose to replace “Natives” with the name of an Affiliation they belong to in the incant.

Quiet the Audience (Requires Charismatic Lure) (14 XP, 15 MP)- “Sound of Voice, Silence 1 Minute”

Demand Attention (Requires “Quiet the Audience”) (16 XP, 18 MP)- “Sound of Voice, Pacify and Knockdown 1 Minute”

Perform Skill
A Bard may spend 5 minutes performing for an audience to grant a positive or negative effect to them. The Bard can target a number of audience members equal to their Will +3. Once a Bard has purchased at least 4 Perform skills, this increases to their Will +5. The type of performance can be anything, from music, to oration, to dance. When you begin the actual performance, you must state loudly “Beginning Performance”. A Bard can perform a number of times per period equal to their unmodified, base Aptitude for free. Only audience members that remain for the performance from beginning to end can be targeted by the Bard, who assigns their targets via Pointed call outs at the end of the performance. Targets can only be affected by Bard Performances once per hour.
Perform effects count as spell effects for resistance purposes.

Each time you purchase this skill, its cost increases by 2 XP, beginning at 4 XP.

Requires 0 Previous Purchases:
Performance of Magic: Restore 5 MP
Performance of Nature: Restore 5 AP
Performance of Divinity: Restore 5 IP
Performance of the Mind: +1 Aptitude for 1 hour.
Performance of the Body: +1 Strength for 1 hour.
Performance of the Soul: +1 Will for 1 hour.
Performance of the Combatant: Grants 1 use of Impact 5, usable before the Period ends.

Requires 3 or more Previous Purchases:
Performance of the Feast: Double the numerical benefits of a food item the target is eating.
Performance of the Party: Double the numerical benefits of a brew item the target is drinking.
Performance of Self-Fame: Charm 10 Minutes

Requires 5 or more Previous Purchases:
Performance of Greater Magic: Restore 10 MP
Performance of Greater Nature: Restore 10 AP
Performance of Greater Divinity: Restore 10 IP
Dirge of Broken Treaties: Remove all Barriers, Boons, and Shields from the target.
Dirge of Lullabies: Sleep 1 Minute.

Requires 7 or more Previous Purchases:
Performance of the Hearth: Grants one immediate use of Rest
Performance of the Home: Grants the target 1 additional Rest (individual targets can only benefit from this once
Dirge of Entrapment: Pin 1 Minute

Requires 10 or more Previous Purchases:
Performance of Defense: Grants on Spell Barrier or Attack Barrier.
Dirge of Ultimate Betrayal: Paralyze 10 seconds.
Mud, Grob Alchemist/Smith, Laborer/Life Druid
Brock Saturn, Ostlea Human, Berserker/Cleric of Bedros
Rain Glasswalker, Wild Elf Fighter/Shaman
Carde, Town Notary
Lord Sigurd Kragmoore, Governor of Banner Rest
Ventley the Grob
Roderigo the Box Man
Gurry the Hermit
and a few others

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