Witch 2.0

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Witch 2.0

Postby NickG » Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:08 pm

Witch - 10 XP

-Any Nature Class
-Any Arcane Class
-Alchemist or Cook/Brewer Profession and either Potions 3 or Brewing 3
-Ability to cast at least one Curse
-Ability to cast at least one Venom
-Ability to cast at least one Tier 4 Nature or Arcane spell.
-Ritual Casting 1

Initial Benefit:
Witch’s Brew- You can create the Witch’s Brew, a Tier 3 Potion or Brewing recipe that requires 10 Minutes and 6 SP/2 EP to make and expires next event. It requires 1x Creek Moss and 1x Insect or 1x Toad or 1x Snail to create. On its own, a Witch’s Brew restores 3 MP and 3 AP if consumed, but its primary use is in fueling Witch abilities. If you have a Cauldron crafting station, you can craft the Brew in batches of 4 every 10 minutes and for 12 SP/4 EP, spending the material cost for all 4.

Witch’s Ritual- You gain access to the Witch’s Ritual, a Tier 1, Complexity 1 Ritual that requires 1 caster and whose only key is “Witch”. This Ritual can be conducted how the Witch sees fit, but requires 5 minutes of ritual casting role-play per Witch’s Brew spent in the casting. A Witch’s Ritual has no innate effects, with the effects instead dependent on the ability being used.

Witch’s Rest: You may engage in a Rest while using any Alchemy or Brewing crafting skill without the Rest being interrupted.

Class Skills:

Tier 4

Witch’s Premonition (8 XP)- You may spend one Witch’s Brew and perform a Witch’s Ritual to have a premonition about something that may be a threat to you. Upon completion, you may go to the shop and ask to know one enemy type that is likely to appear soon. Ops will then inform the shop of an enemy type that is likely to appear in the next 1-2 hours. You can only use this skill once every 2 hours.

Take Root/Sully (12 XP)- You may spend 4 Witch’s Brew and perform a Witch’s Ritual to have land Take Root or become Sullied. If you target a land tile with Take Root, it produces double the amount of natural goods it would have for one use of the tile next event. (For example: On a Medium Farm, one of the Farmers working the Farm would get double the result). If you target a land tile with Sully, one of its production effects does not work next event (for example, a Mine would produce less). You can only Take Root and Sully one tile each per event. You may also Take Root or Sully the town itself as a target once per event: If Take Root is used, Explorers, Fisherman, and Farmers gain +1 item during their results for the next hour. If Sully is used, Farms, Ponds, Rivers, and Exploration will produce only 1 item during their results for the next hour.

Witch’s Gaze (9 XP)- You may spend 2 Witch’s Brew and perform a Witch’s Ritual to gain the ability to cast any Curse or Venom spells you have that are delivered via melee or packet to instead be delivered by pointed gaze for 2 hours.

Aversion Curse (12 XP)- You may spend 6 Witch’s Brew and perform a Witch’s Ritual to curse a target with an Aversion Curse. Removing the Curse causes the effect to be delayed for 10 minutes, but the effect will remain Persistent for 2 hours, and begins within 1 hour of your use of this skill. Remove Hex will completely remove the effect. You name something for the target to be afraid of, and any time they see or sense that thing, they will flee in terror, as per fear, until they are no longer in sensory range of it. You must come to the shop when using this and inform them of the target and the trigger. Please note that the trigger must be something that the target can reasonably get away from. “Cats” is a good example, but “Grass” and “Air” will be rejected. The target of this curse must be within 500 Kilometers. You can only target the same person with a Curse once per event.

Poisoned Brew (6 XP, Requires Cook/Brewer)- When crafting a food or brew, you may spend one Witch’s Brew to also add the “Poison, Sleep 5 Minutes” effect to it. You must spend 1 Witch’s Brew per serving.

Tier 5

Mask of Red Death (16 XP, Aversion Curse)- You may spend 6 Witch’s Brew and perform a Witch’s Ritual to curse a target with a Mask of Red Death. The Curse will attempt to cast up to 3 times, with 10 minutes in between casts if the target resists. If affected, the target begins to bleed from their eyes, mouth, and nose, and takes a Health DoT 2 effect that lasts for 10 Minutes. Again, if the DoT is removed, the effect will attempt to strike the target again, until three attempts have been made or the target dies. This follows the same distance and requirements of Aversion Curse. A Witch may only curse the same target once per event.

Witching Hour / Glimmering Hour (Requires Witch’s Premonition) (12 XP, Requires Witch’s Premonition)- Once per period, you may spend 5 Witch’s Brew and a Witch’s Ritual to create a Witching Hour or Glimmering Hour. During a Glimmering Hour, NPC monsters and undead that appear in town or the woods will be weaker, dealing 1 less paced damage (to a minimum of 1) and having 5 less maximum HP per their tier. During a Witching Hour, NPC monsters or undead that appear in town or in the woods will have +1 Paced Damage and 5 additional HP per their Tier. A Witching Hour must take place at night, and a Glimmering Hour must take place in daylight. Alternatively, you may target a land tile or area of the map within 500 kilometers to increase or decrease the strength of monster attacks there.

Beguiling Mask (Requires Witch's Gaze) (18 XP, Special HP Cost)- You may spend 3 Witch’s Brew and a Witch’s Ritual to immediately disguise yourself as per a Simple Disguise Kit (which allows you to disguise yourself as a different member of your own race or similar races and lasts for 2 hours). You may spend 5 Witch’s Brew instead to make the target someone other than yourself, but the effects only last for 1 hour.
Mud, Grob Alchemist/Smith, Laborer/Life Druid
Brock Saturn, Ostlea Human, Berserker/Cleric of Bedros
Rain Glasswalker, Wild Elf Fighter/Shaman
Carde, Town Notary
Lord Sigurd Kragmoore, Governor of Banner Rest
Ventley the Grob
Roderigo the Box Man
Gurry the Hermit
and a few others

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