Paladin (Freedom) 2.0

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Paladin (Freedom) 2.0

Postby NickG » Mon Oct 02, 2017 5:13 pm

Paladin of Freedom - 15XP
The Paladin of Freedom is a paladin that seeks to free themselves and others from the chains of those they deem oppressive or unworthy.

-Any Martial Class
-Cleric, Priest, or Justicar Class
-30 HP
-30 IP
-20 SP
-Either one Tier 4 Melee combat skill purchased under a martial class, or one Tier 4 Cleric domain, Priest domain, or Pursuit domain spell.
-May not have another Paladin advanced class.
-Available Religions: Cult of Madness, The Divine Observatory (and all of its deities), Tech Ascendancy, The Elemental Host

Initial Benefit: Unchained- You take no effect from Charm, Dominate effects have half their duration, and Dominate effects cannot cause you to attack your allies (though you will still attack yourself). You reduce Delusion to Confusion.

Freedom Paladin’s Gift- You may spend an equal amount of IP as SP to use defensive combat skills from any of the Martial class lists.

Freedom Paladin’s Rest- You regain 3 IP.

Class Skills:
(T4) Locks and Chains (5 XP) (4 IP)- This divine spell is added to your Priest, Pursuit, or Cleric domain as a Tier 4 spell. It allows you to treat your Strength as 4 higher when determining if you can break a lock or a chain, and can be cast even while under the effects of silence and while bound. It must be re-cast for every item that you wish to attempt to break.

(T4) Lay on Hands (10 XP, req Will 2)- You may Lay on Hands a number of times per period equal to your Will. Lay on Hands restores 10 Health, but it cannot be used on yourself.

(T4) Slay the Oppressor (10 XP, req Impact 10)- When you see a Dominate or Delusion effect used in your presence that you have not cast yourself, you gain one use of "Holy Damage 20", deliverable via melee attack on the target that used the Dominate or Command ability.

(T4) Remove Impairment (10 XP, req Will 2)- A number of times equal to your Will per period, you may remove one of the following via pointed gaze: Root, Pin, Confusion, Delusion, Charm, Slow.

(T5) Break the Hold (14 XP, Locks and Chains) (10 IP)- This divine spell is added to your Priest, Pursuit, or Cleric domain as a Tier 5 spell. You may call "Sound of Voice, end all Root and Pin effects!".

(T5) Free Mind (18 XP, Remove Impairment)- You now take no effect from Dominate.
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