Paladin (Honor) 2.0

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Paladin (Honor) 2.0

Postby NickG » Fri Oct 06, 2017 8:32 pm

Paladin of Honor – 15 XP
The Paladin of Honor protects the ethics of their religion above all else. They do not refuse a challenge from an equal, and they defend the old ways at great cost to themselves. Followers of the Dreamer call them Samurai, the Old Kingdom Marchogs, and the Mag’duar Giantslayers.

-Any Martial Class
-Cleric, Monk, or Justicar Class
-Any melee weapon proficiency
-30 HP
-30 IP
-20 SP
-Will 2
-Either one Tier 4 Melee combat skill purchased under a martial class, or one Tier 4 Cleric domain, Body domain, or Pursuit domain spell.
-Ability to Taunt or Goad via skill or spell.
-May not have another Paladin advanced class.
-Available Religions: The Dreamer, The Kingdom of Earth, The Old Kingdom, Monk Exotheism

Initial Benefit: Honor’s Demand- Whenever you are Taunted or Goaded, your paced damage against the creature that used the Taunt or Goad on you is increased by 2 until the duration ends. This also occurs if a creature you have Taunted or Goaded yourself engages you. Additionally, if you are ever affected by or initiate a “Call Out”, your paced damage increases by 2 against your enemy.

Honor Paladin’s Gift- You may spend an equal amount of IP as SP to use melee combat skills and defensive combat skills that appear on the Fighter skill list. When using a skill this way, it follows melee spellcasting rules.

Honor Paladin’s Rest- You regain 5 HP.

Class Skills:
(T4) Honor’s Call (9 XP)- Once per period, you may “Call Out” a target by calling “Goad, Call Out, 5 minutes! Only I may damage you!” During this 5 minute period, you are both treated as Goaded to one another. You both cannot deal damage to any target except each other, and others cannot deal damage to you (though effects still work). If one of you is somehow made helpless, enters bleed out, has your goad removed, or is somehow incapable of hurting the other, the effect completely ends.

(T4) Lay on Hands (10 XP)- You may Lay on Hands a number of times per period equal to your Will. Lay on Hands restores 10 Health, but it cannot be used on yourself.

(T5) Atonement (12 XP, Coup de Grace)- After you have brought an enemy into bleed out, while they are still capable of communicating with you, you may hold your weapon to them and ask them to atone for the transgression that caused you to fell them. If they agree, they regain 10 health and are Pacified for 10 minutes; during this 10 minutes, if they do not agree to any terms you set forth while in your presence, they immediately die, as per a Holy Death effect (delivered via pointed cast). If they do not agree, they immediately die, as per a Coup de Grace. You can perform a number of Atonements per period equal to your Will.

(T5) Honorbound Strikes (18 XP, Honor’s Call)- Once per period, you may spend 1 uninterrupted minute meditating on your religious code of ethics. At the end of it, you increase your paced damage by your Will for 10 minutes.
Mud, Grob Alchemist/Smith, Laborer/Life Druid
Brock Saturn, Ostlea Human, Berserker/Cleric of Bedros
Rain Glasswalker, Wild Elf Fighter/Shaman
Carde, Town Notary
Lord Sigurd Kragmoore, Governor of Banner Rest
Ventley the Grob
Roderigo the Box Man
Gurry the Hermit
and a few others

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