Apostate 2.0

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Apostate 2.0

Postby NickG » Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:05 pm

Apostate - 10 XP
Committing a heresy is one thing. Outright rejection of the old ways of a faith that you once belonged to is another. Apostates have been recognized as heretics, deemed by their parent faith an enemy or dangerous to their church. Some wear this as a badge of honor, rejecting the old ways in favor of a new approach, while others see themselves on a path of atonement to their parent religion that they can never properly fulfill. Apostates rarely show up in smaller religions, simply because minor differences in faith are hardly noticeable among them. Larger and more organized religions often outright search for heretics to excommunicate. This is important to note: A heretic of The Elemental Host, for example, may never have an opportunity to become an Apostate, while a heretic of a religion such as the Church of En or the Divine Observatory may find they are labeled this way very quickly. There is magic in this rejection of a member of the faith… one that sets them on a new path to fulfill, possibly even leading to a new cult forming.

-Any Tier 4 Priest domain spell
-One Tier 4 spell from a heresy domain.
-30 IP
-10 SP
-Will 2
-Must have been publicly excommunicated or ousted from their religion by a High Priest or high-ranking official.
-Prayer: Conversion

Initial Benefit: Steal Faith- Whenever a call is made with you in its range or as a potential target that has a character’s religion as an identifier, you may spend 5 SP to benefit from it as if you were a member of that religion.

Apostate’s Rest: You regain an additional 3 IP every time you rest.

Class Skills

(T4) Confess Faith (9 XP): You may use Prayers and other abilities that normally only target members of your own faith on members of another faith or targets with no religion. Additionally, you require no resources to perform a “Prayer: Conversion” and may come up with your own system for the conversion.

(T4)Willful Healing (8 XP): A number of times per period equal to your Will you may double the effects of a healing spell that you cast.

(T5)Additional Heresy Domain (Heresy Domain, 9 XP): You gain access to an additional heresy domain. This follows all of the rules of your other heresy domain, however, you do not pay additional costs for the spells in it as you would with a heresy domain.

(T5)Cult Leader (3 or more local converts to your religion, Confess Faith, 15 XP): You gain the Affiliation Leader class to lead your cult. This class does not count against your total Advanced Classes as long as it is used to lead your cult, and you purchase skills from it normally. To maintain your cult, you must have 3 or more converts to your religion regularly in town (at least once every 3 events) and at least one of the converts must be of a divine class. Converted characters still treat this religion as a heresy of its original one. To purchase this skill, you must work with your local STs to ensure that a theme-appropriate set of standards exists for the religion.

(T5) Unbound Faith (Cult Leader, 20 XP, Affiliation has existed at least 1 calendar year): As long as your affiliation continues to exist, new Divine characters at your home SG game may select your heresy religion as their religion and treat it as a true religion, without purchasing heresy domains.
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