Warmage 2.0 (Prerequisites Only)

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Warmage 2.0 (Prerequisites Only)

Postby NickG » Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:30 pm

Warmage - 20 XP
The Warmage tears apart the limitations of traditional casting rules and becomes a weapon-wielding force of arcane and martial might.

-Martial Archetype
-Arcane Archetype
-Proficiency: Heavy Armor
-At least two melee weapon proficiencies.
-One Tier 5 spell from any arcane school.
-72 MP
-40 SP
-30 HP
Mud, Grob Alchemist/Smith, Laborer/Life Druid
Brock Saturn, Ostlea Human, Berserker/Cleric of Bedros
Rain Glasswalker, Wild Elf Fighter/Shaman
Carde, Town Notary
Lord Sigurd Kragmoore, Governor of Banner Rest
Ventley the Grob
Roderigo the Box Man
Gurry the Hermit
and a few others

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