Guild Banks and Storehouses UPDATE (Rules effective as of 9/17)

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Guild Banks and Storehouses UPDATE (Rules effective as of 9/17)

Postby RobDixon » Mon Aug 28, 2017 9:25 pm

Guild Banks and Storehouses are being updated. This is how they will work from now on. These rules are effective immediately, but we will give current Guild Bank and Storehouse owners the rest of the year to get their banks in compliance with the new rules.

Guild Banks and Storehouses can never store Plot Items.

Guild Banks and Storehouses will exist as small plastic boxes which will be issued to you by the shop. They will no longer exist as files on the shop computer.

Guild Banks can only store currency. This includes Varii, Marks, Scales, Quartz, Grey Agate, and Topaz. They can be accessed at Check In, Check Out, and when dropping off your Guild Charter. At that time you can make any withdrawals or deposits.

Storehouses can store anything BUT currency. Storehouses have a limited capacity (listed by the type of storehouse). Anything that has an expiration date that would have expired while in storage will be good for the rest of the month in which it is withdrawn. Anything being deposited with an expiration date needs to be marked with the date it was deposited; it is your responsibility to make sure the Shop Marshal marks the card as you are depositing it; we will not be replacing expired items that are not marked as deposited. Storehouses can be accessed by the owner at Check In, Check Out, and once every morning and evening (before noon and after 9pm) every day.

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