Dropping a Class or Archetype

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Dropping a Class or Archetype

Postby RobDixon » Sun Apr 08, 2018 4:23 pm

Dropping a Class/Archetype
Submit your request to drop a Class or Archetype to characters@sacredgroundslarp.com. Include your name, player number, character name, and what you intend to drop. Please understand that it may take time to process your request.

Any skills that are no longer accessible without that class are lost.
This includes skills that become “out of reach” due to Tier XP requirements.
This includes skills that would otherwise allow you to “sneak in” to Tier 6, such as Recovery 3.
You keep any skill that is still otherwise available to you on other lists that you have.

If a skill that you have becomes more expensive for you to purchase, you must pay the difference in XP.
This may result in an XP debt if you do not have spare banked XP.

Any spell schools and spells that are no longer accessible without that class are lost.
In the event that you have a choice (such as with overlapping Arcane spell schools), you first lose any obviously illegal schools (Abyssal if you drop Warlock, for instance) and then choose any other schools to drop, until you only have legal spell schools left.
If you drop an Archetype, all related spells and schools are lost.

Any HP/ Pool you purchased that becomes more expensive is recalculated to your new best purchase rate.
For instance, if you are a Shaman/Mystic with 90 AP and you drop Mystic, your AP drops to 69. This happens even if you have never purchased a single point of pool with the related class.
Any pool you purchased that somehow becomes less expensive stays at the amount that it’s at.
If you drop an Archetype, all related pool (AP, IP, EP, MP) is lost.
If your recalculated Pool total would somehow put you above your new Maximum (such as with EP dropping Assassin down to Expert), your Pool is set to the Maximum.

Any Professions that become illegal are lost.
For instance, if you drop the Skilled Archetype and only have the Martial Archetype, you lose the Engineer profession, if you had it.
If you drop Expert and had three Professions, you choose which Profession to drop from among the set of legal Professions.

Items and skills granted by a dropped class feature are lost.
This includes things like a Runeblade’s weapon or a Fighter’s Heavy Armor Proficiency.

You can not drop an Archetype if it is your only one, and you can not drop a Class if it is your only one and you have two Archetypes.
In other words, you can't drop a Class or an Archetype to create an illegal character build state.

You can not drop an Archetype that has more than one Class in it.
As this would mean dropping more than one Class.

If dropping a Class or Archetype renders you unqualified for an Advanced Class, you lose the Advanced Class also.
Please note that you can still drop Advanced Classes as normal.

No XP is refunded and spent XP remains the same.

You can only drop one Class or Archetype one time per life of the character.
Not one each, one total.

A dropped Class/Archetype can never be relearned.

CAVEAT: There are no take-backs. Once you have submitted the form to drop a Class or Archetype, the only way you can stop it is if you reach characters@sacredgroundslarp.com prior to your request being processed. Please make sure you understand the rules clearly before making this decision. You are absolutely allowed to submit questions or comments about the process in advance before making this choice. We will have zero sympathy for you if your Drop is processed and you change your mind.

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