Lost and found

Serving as town hall, fort, and inn all in one, the Broken Compass is a staple of Banner Rest. This board is for postings and role-play which take place in the town proper.
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Lost and found

Postby JayDee » Wed Sep 06, 2017 9:39 am

Hello all. It is I, Trinculo, Banner Rests favorite satyr*. I found a plan this past invasion weekend. If it's yours, tell me what it is and I'll get it back to you. Otherwise and some nebulous point on the last Smithsday of this month I shall lick the print, making it mine. Then I will sell and thank my anonymous benefactor for donating to my drug fund.

*note favorite satyr doesn't include Fowst, Briar, Braulg, Fang, or Ellie**.

**note I am aware that Ellie isn't a satyr, but it would be super embarrassing to lose a favorite satyr contest to her.

IG: Trinculo, Haberdasher and Purveyor of Fine Fashions

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