Jaejal's Blessing

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Jaejal's Blessing

Postby JoellenO » Fri Oct 13, 2017 5:57 pm

At 9 o'clock at night on the 21st Smithsday of this month, there will be a sermon regarding the light of Jaejal in the temple below the tavern. Any and all are welcome to join, whether you be of the same faith, different faith, or no faith. We will speak of the lessons Jaejal taught humanity, and the first ten who arrive to attend will receive a minor blessing in the name of the dream domain, or a healing in the name of restoration. This is only limited because I am one priestess with only so much influence from my goddess. If anyone who knows the word of Jaejal would like to assist, feel free to contact me regarding doing such.

May Jaejal's Blessing be upon you all.

Seras Andromeda Lux, priestess of Jaejal.
Seras Andromeda Lux, Priestess of Jaejal
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