Paladin (Protection) 2.0

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Paladin (Protection) 2.0

Postby NickG » Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:52 pm

Paladin of Protection -15 XP
The Paladin of Protection is a paladin that focuses on using strength to defend the less fortunate, whether they be allies, the poor, or the meek.

-Any Martial Class
-Cleric or Justicar Class
-Medium Weapon Proficiency and any Shield Proficiency
-30 HP
-30 IP
-20 SP
-Either one Tier 4 Melee combat skill purchased under a martial class, or one Tier 4 Cleric domain or Pursuit domain spell.
-May not have another Paladin advanced class.
-Available Religions: Church of En, Saphael, Bedros, Jaejal, Two Worlds, The Word

Initial Benefit: Fearless Defender- You take no effect from Fear. Whenever you cast a Shield spell that does not include yourself as the target, it costs 1 less IP (to a minimum of 1).

Protection Paladin’s Gift- You may spend an equal amount of IP as SP to use combat skills from the Fighter list. When using a skill this way, it follows melee spellcasting rules. (Note- This does not mean you need the Fighter class, it means that onlyl skills that appear on the Fighter list may be used in this manner)

Protection Paladin’s Rest- You regain 5 health.

Class Skills:
(T4) Holy Deflection (5 XP, req Harm's Way or Shield Ally via skill or spell)- The first time you use Harm's Way or Shield Ally in a period, you may resist whatever effect you are intercepting for your ally (unless it is Void or True damage). You must have a shield equipped to use this ability.

(T4) Lay on Hands (10 XP, req Will 2)- You may Lay on Hands a number of times per period equal to your Will. Lay on Hands restores 10 Health, but it cannot be used on yourself.

(T5) Paladin's Armor (12 XP)- You begin every event with a Shield that resists one Physical attack and one Spell and you may have one additional Shield buff.

(T5) Holy Flesh (18 XP, Holy Deflection)- After a successful use of Harm's Way or Shield Ally, you may spend 10 IP to gain Physical Resistance 1 for 1 minute. Attacks that deal 1 or less damage delivered via weapons deal 0 damage to you for the duration.
Mud, Grob Alchemist/Smith, Laborer/Life Druid
Brock Saturn, Ostlea Human, Berserker/Cleric of Bedros
Rain Glasswalker, Wild Elf Fighter/Shaman
Carde, Town Notary
Lord Sigurd Kragmoore, Governor of Banner Rest
Ventley the Grob
Roderigo the Box Man
Gurry the Hermit
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