Paladin (Vengeance) 2.0

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Paladin (Vengeance) 2.0

Postby NickG » Mon Oct 02, 2017 5:02 pm

Paladin of Vengeance -15 XP
The Paladin of Vengeance is a paladin that strikes out at the enemies of the church directly.

-Any Martial Class
-Cleric or Justicar Class
-Retribution or Grand Retribution
-Any Heroism Skill
-30 HP
-30 IP
-20 SP
-Either one Tier 4 Melee combat skill purchased under a martial class, or one Tier 4 Cleric domain or Pursuit domain spell.
-May not have another Paladin advanced class.
-Available Religions: Church of En, Saravii, Cetras, Saphael, Two Worlds, Abduen, The Kingdom of Salt

Initial Benefit: Smite- When using Retribution, all of your special swings from Retribution deal double damage (example, your 20 would deal 40 damage), while your regular retribution swings deal 2 additional damage. You also gain one additional use of Retribution per period.

Vengeance Paladin’s Gift- You may spend an equal amount of IP as SP to use combat skills from the Berserker list. When using a skill this way, it follows melee spellcasting rules. (Note- This does not mean you need the Berserker class, it means that only skills that appear on the Berserker list may be used in this manner)

Vengeance Paladin’s Rest- You regain one spent use of Retribution or Grand Retribution.

Class Skills:
(T4) Mask of Vengeance (6 XP, Retribution Duration 2)- Whenever you use Retribution, it last twice as long.

(T4) Damnation (12 XP, Coup de Grace)- You may spend 15 IP to perform a True Coup de Grace, with the call “Damnation 1, Damnation 2, Damnation 3, -2 Luck, True Death”.

(T5) Justice Strike (12 XP, Mask of Vengeance)- If you die and are either resurrected or return from death, you gain one free use of "Justice Strike, Damage 40" usable within 10 minutes after your return/resurrection. This is delivered via a melee weapon.

(T5) Slaying Strike (22 XP, Retribution Potency 3, Damnation)- When you activate retribution, you gain one use of "Holy Death to X" via a melee attack, with X being the creature type that your current use of Retribution is targeting.
Mud, Grob Alchemist/Smith, Laborer/Life Druid
Brock Saturn, Ostlea Human, Berserker/Cleric of Bedros
Rain Glasswalker, Wild Elf Fighter/Shaman
Carde, Town Notary
Lord Sigurd Kragmoore, Governor of Banner Rest
Ventley the Grob
Roderigo the Box Man
Gurry the Hermit
and a few others

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